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Each episode focuses on themes from my recently published book, Goals-Based Investing, and includes an interview with thought leaders in the industry. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Goals-Based Investing YouTube channel.


Top Episodes

Episode 14

Tony Davidow, CIMA® takes a moment to share the highlights from the top episodes of 2022. Learn from what other advisors found most valuable.

Guest: Bob Pisani

Episode 13

Tony Davidow, CIMA® interviews CNBC's Senior Market Correspondence and dear friend, Bob Pisani. Bob discusses his new book, “Shut Up & Keep Talking,” and shares his unique perspective from his perch on the NYSE, along with some colorful stories about the famous people he’s met over the years.

2023 Outlook

Episode 12

Tony Davidow, CIMA®, looks forward to 2023 and navigating these challenging waters. Read the related blog post Related Blog Post From Madoff to FTX: Lessons Learned-

Guest: Robert Powell

Episode 11

Tony Davidow, CIMA®, interviews Robert Powell, CFP, RMA, about retirement planning. Powell and Davidow highlight the following points: - Were advisors adequately prepared for the recent market downturn? - How does the recent drawdown impact retirement planning? - What should advisors do to respond to the current market environment? - Where can they find sources of incremental returns and income? - How can they hedge the impact of inflation and buffer the elevated volatility? - What role should alternative investments play in meeting client goals in today’s market environment? Additional Resources: finStream TV - Retirement Daily -

Guest: J. Alan Reid

Episode 10

Tony Davidow, CIMA®, and J. Alan Reid, CIMA®, discuss the following: - Polarization of ESG and whether it has become too political. - Whether asset managers have been doing enough to align their portfolios with ESG causes. - Should advisors vote proxies, and how can they affect change? Resources:

Guest: Graham Rich

Episode 9

Tony Davidow, CIMA® interviews Graham Rich with Portfolio Construction Forum. Listen as they discuss the challenges facing practitioners/advisors, the need and desire for advanced education, and the differences between the U.S. and Aussie practitioners. Conference Registration:

Guest: Aaron Filbeck

Episode 8

Tony Davidow, CIMA® interviews Aaron Filbeck, CAIA, CFA, CIPM, FDP about The Portfolio of the Future: practitioner’s guide to the five essential marks of effective capital allocation. Filbeck shares how the research was conducted, the key findings, and how advisors can migrate to this more evolved approach Download the research --

Guest: Halvard Kvaale

Episode 7

ony Davidow, CIMA® interviews Halvard Kvaale about the current investment environment and it's long term strategy.


Guest: Gary Bridgeman

Episode 6

Tony Davidow, CIMA® interviews Gary Bridgeman, CIMA® about ways to continue to embrace diversity, which is good for the industry and society at large.

Guest: Scott Welch

Episode 5

Tony Davidow, CIMA® interviews Scott Welch, CIMA® to discuss: - The history and evolution of model portfolios - Advisor adoption tendencies - Technology trends and how they are impacting model adoption - What's next for model portfolios

Guest: Margaret M. Towle

Episode 4

How should advisors think about ESG ? Tony Davidow, CIMA, sits down with Margaret M. Towle, PhD., CIMA®, CPWA®, FSA®, RICP®, to discuss the 4 biggest myths surrounding ESG.

Guest: Jamie McLaughlin

Episode 3

What are the needs of Ultra-High-Net-Worth investors? Tony Davidow, CIMA, sits down with Jamie McLaughlin, CEO at J. H. McLaughlin & Co to discuss HNW Investors vs. UHNW and what advisors need to know.

Guest: Christine Gaze

Episode 2

Tony Davidow, CIMA®, is joined by Christine Gaze, CIMA®, Founder and President of Purpose Consulting Group, for a discussion on advisors pricing model.

Guest: John Nersesian

Episode 1

Tony Davidow, CIMA®, is joined by John Nersesian, CFP®, CIMA®, CPWA®, CIS, Head of Advisor Education at PIMCO, for a discussion on behavioral finance. Tony and John look at some common questions around behavioral finance such as: - What are the common behavioral biases of investors? - Do advisors also have biases? - How can we do a better job ‘framing’ issues? - What do we see good advisors do with their clients? - Do advisors appreciate their value as a behavioral coach? Do clients?

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