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A Visionary Framework for Wealth Management

The wealth management industry is at a key inflection point, with dramatic changes in the investing landscape, the types of investments, and manner in which advice will be delivered. Wealth advisors need to respond appropriately to these changes or risk being replaced by robots and algorithms. As challenging as the future seems, it will also present ample opportunities for those advisors that embrace the changes and evolve the way they do business. 

Tony, Davidow CIMA®

Davidow has a strong record of successfully leading high-performing teams, projects, and companies to deliver growth in revenue and AUM. He’s developed and delivered advanced training programs for financial advisors designed to improve their understanding of complex solutions. He is an award-winning author with expertise in diverse subjects, including asset allocation, alternative investments, factor investing and ESG.


“Tony has effectively captured the evolution of modern wealth management by focusing on the key determinants of financial success. This gem is a must read for both financial advisors and individual investors.”

– John Nersesian, CIMA®, Managing Director, Head of Advisor Education,

PIMCO Investments

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